About Us

Outside The Zone Adventures creates customized fitness adventures for groups in various vacation destinations – Jump start your fitness and come discover what you can achieve!

Our customized fitness adventures are a tremendous opportunity to enjoy an inspiring, motivating adventure in one of many beautiful parts of the United States. The adventures not only include a daily bootcamp session led by Bootcamp Expert Scott Colby, it may also include the following: yoga sessions, hiking, mountain or road biking, horseback riding, canoeing, kayaking, cooking classes and motivational talks. You will also have time to relax, and an option to include a pampering massage.

Whether you’re a bootcamp, a corporation, or just a group of friends or family that wants to get together for an adventure, we’ll put together the perfect customized fitness adventure just for you.

The first thing you should do is decide where you group wants to have their fitness adventure. Choose from our Rocky Mountain Fitness Adventure in Estes Park, Colorado, our Vermont Fitness Adventure in Stowe, Vermont, our Lake Tahoe Fitness Adventure, our Yellowstone Park Fitness Adventure, our Grand Canyon Fitness Adventure, or if the beach is your thing, our Myrtle Beach Fitness Adventure. Or if one of these destinations is not where your group wants to go, just tell us where you do want to have your fitness adventure, and we’ll make it happen!

Then just fill out the yellow contact form and tell us more about what your looking for on your fitness adventure – the destination, number of people, activities and any other information you can provide and we’ll plan the adventure for you! These adventures are limited to 10-15 guests and we need a minimum of 6 people in the group to run an adventure.

Outside The Zone Adventures
offers a challenging, supportive and intimate fitness adventure taking place in beautiful locations throughout the United States. Our kick-start program will turn your body into a calorie burning machine as you hike and mountain bike through magnificent country in the care of our expert guides and torch calories in a wide array of bootcamp fitness classes.

Our outstanding, delicious meals will fuel your efforts. As part of the Outside The Zone Adventures total mind and body approach, you’ll stretch to gentle yoga and have the option of de-stressing with a relaxing massage. You’ll learn about nutrition and healthy eating from our fitness experts. Each day will be filled with regenerating, revitalizing activities will take you to a healthy, vital lifestyle. But remember, the adventures and all of the activities will be put together based on what you want.

Accommodations and meals. Our lodges are luxurious, have 5-8 bedrooms and can accommodate 10-15 guests, as well as 3-4 bathrooms spread over two levels. Our lodges are spacious, with a full kitchen and living room and provide a relaxed atmosphere with wonderful scenic views.

You will be served delicious home cooked healthy meals throughout the day. Even your meals can be customized. Whether you’re vegetarian, gluten-free, follow a Paleo diet or have any other custom food request, just let us know and we’ll handle the rest.

So fill out the yellow form, tell us what you want and we’ll get started planning your perfect fitness adventure.