The Most Fun Way To Lose Weight Ever

Our goal on our Fitness Adventures isn’t to lose weight, but it just happens to be a natural result of what we do for the week. And boy do we have fun doing it.

Check out the video of our latest fitness adventure in the California Bay Area and Wine Country. What a week of fun! Bootcamp, yoga, hiking, biking through Napa, beach, cooking class, home cooked meals cooked for us every day.

Don’t miss our next adventure from May 23 – May 28 in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Estes Park, CO.

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Rocky Mountain Fitness Adventure – May 2011

At the end of May, it was time for another one of our Fitness Adventures.  This time we were back in the Rocky Mountains of Estes Park, Colorado.

A new addition to the line-up on this trip – whitewater rafting, which was a thrill for me because it’s one of my favorite activities.  10 ladies joined us on this life-changing adventure trip and we had an absolute blast.  In addition to the rafting, we had a morning boot camp each day, mountain biking, hiking, stretching, a cooking class and healthy, homemade meals served to us all day long.  As usual, the bonding experience was incredible and everyone left with new, lifelong friends.

Check out these pictures of the fitness adventure!

And check out this video of the entire trip.  I can’t wait for the next one in August!

Lose 61 Pounds On Vacation?

By Scott Colby

Owner, Fitness Adventures USA

I want to start this by sharing one of my favorite quotes with you. It comes from Dale Carnegie, who said, “The person who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore.”

Along the same lines of this quote, It boggles my mind that there are overweight people who don’t exercise, but yet they watch The Biggest Loser and watch OTHER people lose weight. And there are people who hate their jobs, but they spend time watching folks on American Idol chase THEIR dreams. Why would anyone do these things? Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch. Take action and do something!

Now I want to introduce you to my good friend, Lesa.  Last May, Lesa looked in the mirror and was very unhappy with what she saw.  She was overweight, and despite having a gym membership, never exercised.  As luck would have it, as she was searching around on the internet for a solution, she stumbled upon the Fitness Adventures USA website and immediately signed up for our Rocky Mountain Fitness Adventure, without any hesitation.

Lesa was kind enough to let me interview her about her experience on the trip and her journey to a healthy life for the last 8 months.  Now I’ve done hundreds of interviews with diet, fat loss and fitness experts, but my interview with Lesa was by far my favorite interview.  I loved hearing how her life has changed and how she has totally transformed.

Lesa called the Fitness Adventure the most “phenomenal, life-transforming, positive experience” she has ever been a part of.  Boy does that make me feel good to have been a part of that!!

You can listen to the interview below, but some of the highlights of her journey are:

  • She has lost 61 pounds from the time she signed up for the trip in June to when we did the interview in January.
  • She lost 12 pounds during the 5-day Fitness Vacation.
  • She has gone from a size 20 to a size 8 (Lesa forgot to mention this in the interview, but told me after we stopped recording).
  • She has hiked mountains and takes boot camp classes.
  • She has gotten 2 promotions at work and has more speaking engagements.
  • Her self-esteem is higher.
  • She is dating more.
  • It’s easy to take the stairs and play with her grandkids.
  • She will be participating in the Warrior Dash (the Warrior Dash is no joke – look it up online).
  • She has taken up running.
  • She has accomplished more than she ever thought possible.
  • Her life has completely changed.

I would love for you to listen to her story.  It’s a 20-minute interview and it’s very inspiring.  Just click the Play button below, or you can download it.


Should You Drink Sports Drinks?

By Scott Colby

Owner, Fitness Adventures USA

Do you ever wonder what you’re really putting into your body when you drink a sports drink, like Gatorade or Powerade?  Are sports drinks really as healthy as the commercials claim they are?  I mean, after all, if you drink Gatorade, you “can be like Mike.” (that’s Michael Jordan for all of you kids out there that may not have seen the commercial).

I know that’s one of the reasons I chugged down a lot of Gatorade growing up.  But have you seen how much sugar is in some of these sports drinks?  Isn’t it too much?

Perhaps there is a difference between drinking one after walking for 30 minutes and drinking one after 2 hours of intense basketball.  Or drinking one during an afternoon of hiking or biking on one of our Fitness Adventures.

So what’s the real scoop?  Should you ever be drinking sports drinks? Or will drinking them actually sabotage the healthy, lean body you’re trying to develop?

How To Train To Run Your First 5K

By Scott Colby

Owner, Fitness Adventures USA

If you’re new to running, then a goal of running your first 5K race is both realistic and attainable.  I mean, after all, you don’t want to go from never running to running a marathon, do you?  That would be pushing it and you would have a pretty decent chance of getting injured.

In case you didn’t know it, 5K is 3.1 miles, which is a great goal for beginners.  With this training schedule below, only go on to the next level when you feel comfortable with your current stage.  You want to avoid injury and burnout first and foremost.

A 7-week program should be just enough time for you to learn how to run for 30 straight minutes, which is the approximate amount of time it will take you to run 5K.  With this training schedule, you’re not looking to set any world records.  The goal is to have you run 5K without stopping and finish the race.

First, get consent from your doctor to make sure it’s safe for you to begin a running program.  Week 1, you’re just going to be walking.  Start by walking 20 minutes straight at a comfortable pace for the first 2 days.  Days 3 and 4, you’re going to walk for 25 minutes straight and days 5 and 6 you’ll walk for 30 minutes straight.

Assuming your 1-week walking program went well, you can move onto stage 2 of the training which will be a run/walk combination training.

In week 2, you’re going to run 1 minute and walk 5 minutes for 5 straight rounds (30 minutes total).  You’ll do this 3 days per week until you feel comfortable.  Each week you’ll add 1 minute to the runtime and subtract 1 minute from the walk time until you can comfortably run for 30 minutes straight.

So your Training Schedule looks like this

Week 1 (Complete the 6-day walking program)

Week 2 – Run 1 minute, walk 5 minutes for 5 straight rounds –> 3 days per week

Week 3 – Run 2 minutes, walk 4 minutes for 5 straight rounds  –> 3 days per week

Week 4 – Run 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes for 5 straight rounds  –> 3 days per week

Week 5 – Run 4 minutes, walk 2 minutes for 5 straight rounds  –> 3 days per week

Week 6 – Run 5 minutes, walk 1 minute for 5 straight rounds  –> 3 days per week

Week 7 – Run 30 minutes consecutively  –> 3 days per week

Remember, you’re just getting started, so don’t be too concerned with pace or distance.  Aim for running 30 minutes, 3 days per week and sign up for a few 5Ks in your local community.  Once you get comfortable running in a few races, you can work on increasing your speed and running longer distances.  Not only is running a great way to get fit but participating in 5K races helps local charities too!