Should You Drink Sports Drinks?

By Scott Colby

Owner, Fitness Adventures USA

Do you ever wonder what you’re really putting into your body when you drink a sports drink, like Gatorade or Powerade?  Are sports drinks really as healthy as the commercials claim they are?  I mean, after all, if you drink Gatorade, you “can be like Mike.” (that’s Michael Jordan for all of you kids out there that may not have seen the commercial).

I know that’s one of the reasons I chugged down a lot of Gatorade growing up.  But have you seen how much sugar is in some of these sports drinks?  Isn’t it too much?

Perhaps there is a difference between drinking one after walking for 30 minutes, and drinking one after 2 hours of intense basketball.  Or drinking one during an afternoon of hiking or biking on one of our Fitness Adventures.

So what’s the real scoop?  Should you ever be drinking sports drinks? Or will drinking them actually sabotage the healthy, lean body you’re trying to develop?