Medicine Ball 300 Workout To Lose Belly Fat

By Scott Colby

Owner, Fitness Adventures USA

Whether you’re hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, rafting or taking bootcamp, things will be much, much easier on your with a strong core.  And one of my favorite pieces of equipment to use to strengthen my core is the good ‘ole medicine ball.

Here’s a great workout to strengthen your core, flatten your belly, and increase your upper and lower body strength and endurance all in one quick workout – the Medicine Ball 300 Workout.

A video demonstration of the exercises is below, but here’s what you’ll be doing:

MB Push Ups x 25 total
MB Squat Jumps x 25
MB Circles x 25 each direction
MB Step Jumps x 25 (or MB One Legged Step Ups x 25 each leg)
MB Overhead Woodchoppers x 25
MB Russian Twists x 25 each

Perform 2 rounds of this as quickly as possible, and rest as needed.  Keep track of your time so you have something to beat the next time you do it.

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