Grow Back Your Receding Gums With The Help Of These Natural Remedies

These amazing natural remedies will help you grow back the receding gums.

The gums are the soft tissue which covers the tooth root and keeps it in place.

When the margin of the gum tissue around the tooth pulls back or wears away, it leads to gum recession, and the tooth becomes more visible. This issue leads to the formation of gaps or pockets between the teeth which are a perfect environment for the development of bacteria.

The more visible teeth are, the more sensitive and painful they become. Moreover, the supporting tissue, as well as the bone structure may experience damage and lead to tooth loss.

This serious tooth issue can often be neglected, as it develops gradually and slowly. Yet, you need to know the symptoms in order to treat receding gums on time.

The first sign that you have this gum issue is the sensitivity of teeth. Moreover, if a tooth increases its size, it may also indicate the occurrence of receding gums. Other signs that indicate that you have receding gums:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Toothache/pain
  • Larger size of a tooth than previously

Receding gums can be  a result of some kind of gum disease, but it can also be caused by:

Poor oral hygiene- Plague may be easily deposited on teeth if you don’t brush your teeth every day. In this way, calculus, a hard substance that causes gum recession, will be formed.

Aggressive brushing- The aggressive tooth brushing may also damage the enamel and lead to this disease.

Periodontal diseases — are the bacterial infection of the gums, which destroy the supporting read more

Early Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cysts Most Women Ignore Every Day (And What To Do If You See Them)

Numerous women nowadays are affected by polycystic ovary disease, meaning that their ovaries have numerous cysts. These cysts are created due to the buildup of small eggs as a result of elevated hormonal levels, and may occur at any age during the reproductive years of women. Ovary cysts may be large or small, and resemble wall-filled sacs.

Even though these cysts are not harmful, if not treated on time, they may become larger. In order to prevent their growth, the treatment should normalize the hormonal levels.

Therefore, it is of high importance to learn and recognize the warning signs of ovarian cysts, in order to prevent them from causing other serious consequences:

  • Frequent need to urinate or difficulty urinating
  • Abnormal bleeding or painful menstruation
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Weight gain
  • Loss of appetite or quickly feeling full
  • Dull ache in the lower back
  • Pain or bloating in the abdomen

Sometimes, you may experience other warning signs as well, including extreme fatigue, or changes in bowel habits. Also, you should visit your GP in case you experience a post-menopausal bleeding.

In order to prevent such complications, you should keep a diary and note down all signs you experience and how often they occur, as this information is extremely important to be given to the GP.

Moreover, the following two natural ways provide great effects in the treatment of ovarian cysts:


This herb is extremely powerful and may treat almost all kinds of gynecological issues. It controls the menstrual flow, alleviates the pelvic pain and forces the ovarian cysts to shrink. It has diterpenes which decrease the oestrogen hormone production in the brain, and thus promotes a hormonal balance.


Licorice effectively read more

Breaking: Scientists Have Just Told Women To Stop Wearing Bra Immediately. Must See The Reasons

The National No Bra Day and scientists warn women of the disadvantages of this habit, in order to raise the awareness of breast cancer.

The bra’s purpose is to keep the breasts of the woman in  place, especially in the case of bigger ones. Yet, scientists found that bras actually have more negative than positive sides.

Jean Dennis Rouillion, a professor and sports science researcher at the University of Franche-Comte, conducted a 15- year research on the advantages and disadvantages of bras, and included 330 women.

The age of the women participating ranged from 18 to 35, and they have been all wearing a bra since young. Eventually, the findings of the research were shocking.

Bras were found to have no role in then prevention of sagging, back pain relief or support of the chest. Actually, their effects were the opposite: it was discovered that the habit of wearing bras promoted breast sagging.

Furthermore, the nipples of women who stopped warning bras during the research were lifted by 7 millimeters at the end of the study.

Professor Jean states that bras interfere in blood circulation, so in the case of women who do not wear them, the amounts of collagen are increased, and the elasticity is improved.

Although numerous women wear bras with the aim not to distract others, apparently, not wearing them will enhance the breasts’ condition.

Why Women In China Don’t Get Breast Cancer

This article will reveal the story of Jane Plant, a renowned professor and an expert of geochemistry, but first of all, a dedicated mother, and a wife. In 1987, this incredible woman was diagnosed with cancer, at the age of 42.

The initial prognosis was that her life and career were about to end. Yet, this did not make her give up, and surrender to the effects of the deadly disease. On the contrary, she decided to fight even though her cancer recurred 4 times.

To be more concrete, Jane started to follow a revolutionary dietary regimen, changed her lifestyle habits, and this eventually saved her life. Due to the amazing positive effects of this regimen, Jane nowadays struggles to inform women about its principles and raise their awareness.

When Jane got the cancer diagnosis, her husband, a popular and experienced scientist himself, was working in China, so he started investigating the reason why the breast cancer rates are so reduced in China. The first thing was that in Chinese are not eating itHis findings actually composed the cancer-fighting method he suggested to his wife.

This method has provided marvelous effects, so it is public now. Even though it is believed to be controversial by many, every woman has the right to choose her own treatment and method to save her life.

Here is a part of her story:

My friends and colleagues from China have sent letters, cards, as well as some incredible herbal suppositories, so he brought them to me.

These suppositories were intended read more

This Is How to Get Rid of Water Retention and Lose Weight Fast With This Simple Tricks & Tips!

Water retention is one of the major reasons for gaining weight. It may even prevent you from losing extra pounds. Feeling puffed and bloated are the main symptoms that indicate that you may be suffering from water retention. If you experience swellings of different parts of the body, such as face, hands, ankles, legs and feet, you probably suffer from this condition.

Water retention, or edema, in medical terms, can be caused by the aggregation of extra fluids in your circulatory system and in the areas between the cells. Water retention can occur in all people, but most often, in pregnant women. It can be prevented by consuming foods that are high in potassium.


According to a research done by the University of Maryland Medical Center, the main causes of water retention are hormonal changes, pregnancy, menopause and body’s reaction to humid weather.

Furthermore, all the causes of water retention are the following:

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Poor kidney functionality
  • Inadequate intake of certain vitamins
  • Liver disorders
  • Lack of minerals
  • Lack of minerals
  • Lack of antioxidants
  • Fast food
  • Food allergies
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Lack of minerals
  • Smoking

As we age, the food in our stomach doesn’t digest properly, since our stomach doesn’t produce as much acid as it used to. Thus, a lot of undigested food passes into the intestine where can cause damage, like inflammation and irritation on the intestine wall.

Consequently, the intestine wall becomes thin and leaky, allowing undigested ‘pieces’ of food to come in contact with the blood. The immune system reacts by sending antibiotics, which can cause allergy symptoms, like water retention.

The foods that are the main factors in causing water retention are eggs read more

Alarming Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

Sugar is delicious but in copious amounts it can be really bad for our health. You won’t look at it the same way once you learn how it impacts the body. There are red flags which our body sends us that it’s time to reduce the consumption of sugar and here are six of them:


A constant feeling of fatigue or tiredness is one of the signs that you got too much sugar in the diet. Even though these foods can give you carbohydrate boost and led a feeling of increased energy, this is just temporary. If you feel tired all the time you have to check your diet to see if you drink or eat too much sugar.


Chances that you have become a sugar addict are huge if you find yourself craving the sugary snack’s sweet flavor on a daily basis. The consumption of sugar can make a sugar craving’s chain reaction as it is so addictive. If you can’t bear a moment without carbs, you could be in throes of a deep addiction of sugar.


If you fall ill more often than usually it can be caused by having too much sugar in the diet. If every virus finds you and makes you sick, it can be because of the penchant for sugary treats. Consuming too much sugar can weaken the immune system and make the natural ability of the body to fight off flu, colds, viruses and chronic disease weaker.


The fog is a symptom for low blood sugar. When you consume too much sugar, the levels of blood sugar rise and fall rapidly instead of doing it gradually. The poor control of blood sugar is a major risk for impairment and cognitive read more

How To Remove Pounds of Waste from Your Colon In 2 Weeks

It may sound impossible that our colon can contain few pounds of stuck waste, but in reality, it is a large organ which gathers all the waste from the body organs.  It is recommended that we all perform a colon cleanse once annually in order to eliminate the accumulated waste and toxins and improve its function.

Toxic buildup weakens the body and leads to chronic diseases. Nowadays, we are constantly exposed to dangerous chemicals and contaminants, so we are even more prone to such health issues.

The most common symptoms of colon toxicity include:

  • Poor immune system
  • Indigestion, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, stomachache
  • Mood swings, fatigue, depression, memory loss, brain fog
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Bladder issues and vaginal infections
  • Skin rashes

If your body craves for a colon cleanse, make sure you prepare the following one, also known as The Master Cleanse, since it is extremely effective and beneficial:

Maple Syrup Colon Cleanse


  • 2 tablespoons of Organic Maple Syrup
  • Freshly squeezed organic Lemon
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Organic Cayenne Pepper
  • 12 oz. of filtered Water


Mix the ingredients, and drink the mixture 4 times daily, on an empty stomach, for two weeks.

Make sure you also consider these tips to ease into this colon cleanse:

A liquid-only diet is a radical change for most people, so it is recommended to ease into it gradually over a few days:

  • Days 1 and 2: Avoid processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, meat, dairy, and added sugars, and consume eating raw whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables.
  • Day 3: Enjoy smoothies, pureed soups, and broths, and consume fresh fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Day 4: Drink only water and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Before bedtime, drink laxative tea. 
  • Day 5: Start the Master Cleanse.

During the cleanse, remember that you can only consume this cleansing drink, but you should not necessarily starve yourself. Yet, in this case, your diet should be low in carbs. You might lose weight during the colon cleanse, but you will gain it right away after is ends, since it will actually be just water weight. 

Glycogen and water are stored in the muscles, and when on a slow-carb diet, the body starts to use the glycogen, along read more

I Am 60 Years Old And This Plant Improved My Vision, Removed Fat From My Liver And Completely Cleaned My Colon

The majority of people always put their health before anything else. Maintaining your health is not an easy job – over time, our organs and body functions deteriorate, leading to problems such as loss of vision or colon obstruction.

Healthy Printable Recipes

Search Through Hundreds of Recipes and Make Your Favorite Meal in Minutes.

Sometimes, too much fat can accumulate in the liver and cause numerous problems which will definitely affect your overall health. Luckily, there’s a natural ingredient that can help – beets.

Beetroot is a European reddish vegetable that has been mainly consumed raw or in salads.

Not many people like their taste, but beets have numerous health benefits – for example, they can clean fat from your liver, prevent colon obstructions and help you regain your eyesight. And it doesn’t stop there!

Healthy Printable Recipes

Search Through Hundreds of Recipes and Make Your Favorite Meal in Minutes.


Beets can improve your blood circulation and reinforce your cardiovascular system, while also providing your body with enough energy for the day.

The vegetable contains betaine and tryptophan, rare substances that can calm down your nerves and fight stress.

The antiinflammatory properties of beets and their high antioxidant content can fight free radicals in your body and improve your overall health. Here’s how to prepare a healthy beetroot salad you can eat any day:


-2-3 beets

-2 onions

-Extra virgin read more

Pineapple Juice And Cucumber To Clean The Colon in 7 Days And Help You Lose Weight

The accumulation of toxins we are constantly being exposed to nowadays via our food, chemicals, pollution, and stress, can lead to various health issues since it makes us prone to numerous diseases.

Therefore, we can significantly improve the function of the entire body and prevent such health problems if we detoxify the colon and cleanse the intestines.

The excess waste and toxic buildup in the colon can cause numerous unpleasant symptoms, so when cleansed, one feels lighter, the digestion is improved, and the appetite is suppressed.

Raw fruit and vegetable juices are rich in elements that cleanse the colon, such as fiber, phytochemicals (beneficial plant chemicals), and natural sugars that act as laxatives, like sorbitol and fructose.

People who conduct colon cleanses claim that they offer the following benefits:

  • improved liver function
  • boosted immune system
  • increased
read more

Best Exercises to Lose Arm Fat At Home

Arm fat is caused by the accumulation of excess fat in the area of the arms, and it represents an unpleasant issue, especially for women.

Moreover, even though sometimes fat can be easily burnt with regular exercise and a healthy diet, the fat on the arms is incredibly stubborn, and its removal is extremely difficult.

Flabby arms are often a result of aging, as, after the second decade of life, the body stored fat on certain body parts, and the lean muscle mass is gradually reduced. Actually, fatty tissues overweight lean muscles, and arm fat is a common aesthetic issue.

This problem may also result from poor metabolism as it is slowed down with age, and the system burns fewer calories. The increased accumulation of fat in the body is caused by lack of exercise and physical inactivity as well.

Hence, if you are one of the millions with flabby arms and simply hate their appearance, you will be happy after reading this article as we will suggest several simple, but extremely effective exercises that will help you burn the fat on the arms, and eventually get the toned arms you dreamed about your entire life!

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